TAP Proudly Presents
The 2018 Art Contest Winners!

Congratulations to all of our winners!

First and Second Grade Winners:

First Place : Prize $150
Abraham Pramanik,
Crescent Town Elementary School,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Second Place : Prize $100
Ananya Atul Bajpayee,
B.K. Birla Public School, Kalyan,
Mumbai, India
Honorable Mention
Raeesa Hasan,
Dinajpur Laboratory School & College,
Balubari, Dinajpur District, Bangladesh
Honorable Mention
Yuna Kim,
Jenny Preston Elementary School,
Allen, Texas

Third and Fourth Grade Winners:

First Place : Prize $150
Sai Raval,
Benjamin Franklin Elementary School,
Edison, New Jersey
Second Place : Prize $100
Anna Talbot,
Challenger K-8 School Of Science and Math,
Spring Hill, Florida

Honorable Mention
Xylone Margareth Andariska,
Daun Sanggar Lukis Anak,
Gresik, East Java, Indonesia
Honorable Mention
Armeen Binte Jafry,
Settlers Way Elementary School,
Sugar Land, Texas
Honorable Mention
Qalesya Aiko Dalimunthe,
Global Art Multatuli Medan,
Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia

Honorable Mention
Viara Plamenova Pencheva,
The Art School "Eliza Art,"
Gabrovo, Bulgaria
Honorable Mention
Alexander Anedchenko,
Best Friends School,
Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine
Honorable Mention
Wing Chi Chan Vinci,
School of Creativity,
Hong Kong, China

This contest was open to all students in elementary grades one through four, including students from private and public schools as well as home-schooled students.

Theme: Sharing Food and Culture

Have you ever eaten food from another country? Have you ever shared traditions that are different from the ones in your family? Our lives are enriched by contact with people from other cultures.

In a drawing or painting depict two or more people from different cultures or countries sharing their traditional foods with each other. The artwork must include a one-sentence description.

Artwork will be judged on originality of design, clarity of message, and artistic merit.

Participation: Entrants will be divided into two groups by grade:

  • Group A—1st and 2nd grades, as of September 2018
  • Group B—3rd and 4th grades, as of September 2018

Prizes: There will be two prizes in each group:

  • First place: $150
  • Second place: $100
  • (Prizes of comparable value will be awarded for those who reside outside of the United States.)

Entry Requirements:

  • Only one piece per student.
  • Entry may be a painting, drawing, collage, or other 2-dimensional work only.
  • Only digital files will be accepted; photos or scanned images of artwork must be submitted in jpeg format (high resolution). Files may be emailed or sent on CD. We will not accept hard copies of artwork.
  • Entries should be emailed to by October 15, 2018, and should be accompanied by this Contest Entry Form
  • Results will be announced by January 31, 2018.

TAP reserves the right to copy and modify any entry for reproduction. Entries will become the property of TAP.

*PRIVACY POLICY: The personal information provided with contest entries is used only for communication regarding the contest. We will not add you to any mailing lists without your prior knowledge or express permission, and personal contact information is not shared with any organization outside TAP.