Who We Are
We are a non-profit group dedicated to fighting prejudice, intolerance and bigotry through education. We stand for a future built on the respect and acceptance we can all create today.

Why We're Here
Because TAP believes that...

  • Intolerance and indifference are the fundamental reasons for biased behavior.
  • Prejudice is learned at a young age. As such, our primary focus is on schools as the best channel to combat prejudice and protect young people from becoming victims and perpetrators of discrimination.
  • It is essential to challenge preconceived ideas about prejudice and stereotypes through critical thinking, analysis, exercises, and action.
  • Creating a level playing field for all and changing apathy to empathy are cornerstones of a peaceful, just society.

What We Offer

  • TAP helps teachers address issues of sensitivity and respect concerning diversity in the classroom.
  • TAP provides activities to teach students how to confront prejudice.

What We Do: TAP. . .

  • Uses the voice and lens of popular media to educate students and to train teachers in order to foster understanding of the roots of prejudice and intolerance.
  • Develops teachers' video guides for popular films and documentaries to be used both as in-class tools and for lesson planning
  • Sponsors an essay contest open to all middle school and high school students worldwide
  • Sponsors an art contest open to all elementary school students worldwide
  • Links members throughout the world via a listserv
  • Promotes reading lists and film lists for students, educators and all who are interested in opening minds and expanding their horizons
  • Serves as a resource for members and non-members alike on questions and issues related to prejudice, discrimination, global issues, and diversity

What We Envision
TAP envisions a world free of prejudice and discrimination. TAP is committed to using cinema, television, and other forms of media as educational vehicles to help teachers, students, and communities redefine their way of thinking and see through the eyes of others. TAP supports educators, parents, students, and others committed to a free and just society. We know that in order for this to happen, we need to create a level-playing field respecting the inherent right of all to self-identify rather than be labeled. In so doing, we achieve a greater sensitivity to others and a greater awareness of the power of images, words, labels, and terminologies that can hurt, help or heal.

TAP's vision is a world in which we all learn from and are enriched by our differences while we celebrate our commonalities, replacing apathy with empathy and understanding, leading to a peaceful, just, global society for all.

Help Us Help You

PRIVACY POLICY: 1) The personal information provided on membership forms is used only for membership mailings and emails, and is not shared with any organization outside of TAP. All emails from TAP allow you to opt out of further mailings. 2) The information provided with contest entries is used only for communication regarding the contest, and is not shared with any organization outside of TAP. We will not add you to any mailing lists without your prior knowledge or express permission.