TAP Proudly Presents
The 2013-2014 Middle School Essay Contest Winners!

First Place Prize: $300

Maya Alhusein, West Hills Middle School, West Bloomfield, Michigan

Second Place Prize: $200

Andrea Ochoa, Palmdale Learning Plaza, Palmdale, California

Honorable Mention

Salsabil Fellah Boulaich, American School of Tangier, Tangier, Morocco

Lauren Richardson, West Hills Middle School, West Bloomfield, Michigan

The Middle School Question:

Movies and TV programs often show discrimination and prejudice against race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or another group of people. Some movies and TV programs successfully demonstrate how hurtful discrimination can be. Others totally ignore this fact and may even increase or promote hate and biased attitudes.

Write a story, with a title, for a new movie or TV program with the goal of raising awareness of discrimination and prejudice. Be sure to include solutions which would decrease discrimination and prejudice.

Entries must not exceed 750 words, must be typed, must be clearly organized, and must answer all parts of the question.