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TAP's mission is to increase awareness of prejudice and discrimination and examine its causes and roots; open dialogue with and between students and educators from elementary school through college; and promote understanding and respect for all through the critical exploration and analysis of films, television, and other media.
TAP works on all issues of discrimination whether based on race, religion, disability, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or body image.

Who We Are

TAP is a grass-roots organization created by and for: Educators, Students, Parents and Concerned citizens.

Together we can: build community, promote understanding, respect, appreciation and acceptance for all people, and develop a climate in which we are all enriched by each other.

TAP Recommendations

TAP recommends films to use with your students to help you with your discussions on diversity and on confronting prejudice.

TAP recommends books to use with your students to help you with your discussions on diversity and on confronting prejudice.

Middle School Movie and Cartoon Recommendations

Latest Additions

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We should acknowledge differences, we should greet differences, until differences make no difference anymore.

— Dr. Adela Artola Allen, Educator


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